Basic manicure £25.00
Shellac £35.00
French Polish extra £5.00
File and paint £15.00



Basic pedicure £30.00
Shellac pedicure £40.00
French Polish extra £5.00
File and paint £15.00



CND plexigel

(builder gel)                      £10.00



Creative Nails





Full Set CND Acrylic Tips & Overlays (Clear or French)      £42.00

Full Set CND Acrylic Overlays (Coverage Own Nails)         £32.00

CND Acrylic Infills (For Either Of The Above)                      £32.00

Add on CND Shellac                                                               £13.00

Add on CND Vinylux                                                               £7.00

Extra Tip with Service (If required)                                       £1.00 per tip



CND (formerly Creative Nail Designs) liquid and powder system helps create wearable, durable, beautiful nails that are strong, flexible and long lasting.  Tips are applied to the free edge of your natural nail with the liquid and powder overlayed to create the perfect length and shape.  


If you are lucky enough to have length but have trouble keeping them, you can have the liquid and powder overlayed on to your natural nail.


Every 2-3 weeks your enhancements will need to be re-balanced to refresh your look and avoid damage to your natural nail.


The powder and liquid can be overlayed in French, pink or natural.





Shellac (CND)


Shellac Hands

Shellac French Tip Hands



Shellac feet

Shellac French Tip Feet



Shellac hands and feet

Shellac French Tip Hands & Feet



Soak off £7.00
builder gel (including shellac)             £42.00  



Shellac combines the ease of polish with the permanence of gels.
14 days of glorious high gloss shine!


  • Zero drying time
  • No smudges
  • No chipping


At Ambience, we offer a range of colours to suit your mood.


Removal takes just ten minutes and no filling is required.



Manicure £25.00
Pedicure £30.00
File and paint hands £15.00
File and paint feet £15.00

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