Laser Hair Removal

See below for more details about laser hair removal and how the treatment works.



All laser hair removal treatments pay five up front and get the 6th FREE!


Women's Laser

Full Legs £180.00
Half Legs (Lower) £70.00
Thighs (Upper) £80.00
Knees £45.00
Full Arms £80.00
Half Arms £60.00
Under Arms £50.00
Extended Bikini £50.00
Brazilian  £80.00
Hollywood (Including Peri Anal) £100.00
Peri Anal £45.00
Buttocks £50.00
Full Face £60.00
Half Face £40.00
Cheeks £30.00
Neck Front £50.00
Neck Back £50.00
Chin £40.00
Lip £45.00
Lip/Chin £60.00
Chin/Neck £60.00
Lip/Chin/Neck £90.00
Abdominal Whole £50.00
Abdominal Line £30.00
Fingers £25.00
Feet £25.00
Feet/Toes £45.00
Men's Laser  
Full Beard £75.00
Half Beard £50.00
Chin £45.00
Neck Front £60.00
Neck Back £60.00
Full Arm £100.00
Half Arm £80.00
Full Leg £180.00
Half Leg £70.00
Shoulders Upper Arms £80.00
Knee £50.00
Full Chest £90.00
Half Chest £45.00
Full Back £90.00
Half Back £45.00
Full Back and Chest £150.00
Shoulders £40.00
Shoulders Back of Neck £60.00

Total of Two Areas 

Choose from - Chin/Lip/Lip Chin/ Chin Neck/Lip Chin Neck


Total of Two Areas 

Choose from -

Extended Bikini/Knees/ Neck Front


Total of Three Areas Choose from -

Under Arm/ Lip Chin Neck/ Peri Anal/ Feet Toes


Total of Four Areas Choose from -

Half Leg/ Hollywood/ Underarm/ Lip/ Stomach/ Buttocks




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Polaris Laser Hair Removal 


At Ambience, we offer Polaris Laser Hair Removal which is a non-invasive and extremely effective permanent reduction of unwanted hair growth. Methods such as: shaving, waxing, chemical removal and electrolysis all have significant imitations and are not always effective. The Polaris Hair Removal systems can now offer a treatment which is more permanent and efficient than any other treatments. Please note this laser is not a IPL.  Requires a consultation and patch test, £30 which is refunded off of your first treatment.  


Polaris Laser is a high-specification, medical type laser that can safely treat all skin types (including Asian and Afro Caribbean) to effectively achieve permanent hair reduction without any harmful side effects. The Polaris Laser targets the concentrated melanin in the follicle directly, whilst preserving the surrounding tissue, enabling safe treatment of all skin types. Most other lasers operate at shorter wavelengths, which target the melanin both in the hair and the skin, thus preventing the safe treatment of darker skins.


Until recently electrolysis has been the only reasonably permanent hair removal system in that it effectively destroyed the hair follicle. Laser treatments have now come on the scene and can achieve similar results but treat much larger areas in one session.


How does the treatment work?


Hair grows in 3 stages, ANAGEN (active growth), CATAGEN (shedding) and TELOGEN (resting). The laser will only work on hair that is in the anagen stage.


The laser energy is absorbed by melanin (colour) in the hair. It travels down the hair shaft and causes thermal damage to the follicle and so retards or impedes further growth. The hair shaft may remain in the follicle after treatment but, it is damaged, it will fall out over a period of up to 21 days after treatment, or longer depending on the individual. Further treatments are necessary to treat the next Anagen stage of the cycle which will be the growth of new hair rather than re-growth of old hair. For this reason after two or three treatments a noticeable difference in the density of the new hair should be visible.


On lighter hair with darker skins more laser energy is required for effective results but with attendant risks of harmful and long-term side effects. Consequently treatments work best with dark hair in light skins. Research has now shown that laser beams at a wavelength of 1064 nanometres pass through the skin safely and successfully target the melanin in the hair follicle to destroy the follicle without damage to the surrounding tissue. The treatment will not work on very blonde, white or grey hair, as the hair does not contain enough melanin for the laser to be effective.

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