Services offered


Cut and finish £53.00
Wash and finish (short) £25.00
Wash and finish (long) £30.00
Wash and cut £30.00
Men's wash and cut £15.00
Kids cut (under 10s) £15.00
Kids cut (10-16) £30.00
Kids cut and finish (10-16) £25.00

Tint (full head)

Tint Full head + cut and finish

Tint retouch

Tint Retouch + cut and finish                                            





Hair up (from) from £30.00
Foils (full head) £65.00
Foils (full head + cut and finish) £123.00
Foils (half head) £70.00
Foils (half head + cut and finish) £108.00
T Section £50.00
T section + cut and finish £98.00
Balayage Inc Toner/Oleplex/Cut&Blowdry £145.00

Balayage + cut and finish

Perming and volumising (+ service) from £65.00

Brazilian Blowdry (see details below)


Toners Stand Alone

Toner Plus your service

Oleplex Plus your service





Brazilian Blowdry (La Braziliana)


£115 inclusive of VAT


The Brazilian blowdry, Keratin treatment with collagen.


La Brasiliana keratin treatment with collagen is a revolutionary process that transforms the hair. The treatment is keratin based. Keratin is the primary protein of the hair, skin and nails. This natural substance gives the hair the ability to return to it's original healthy, shiny, smooth state while the collagen improves the elasticity of the hair.


Unlike other products available on the Market, such as creme relaxers or the Japanese straightening system, La Brasiliana replenishes the condition of the hair without damage or change to the molecular structure. The treatment can be used on all hair types, such as chemically treated hair (coloured, permed, relaxed, straightened, highlighted and bleached). The application process takes between 1.5 to 3 hrs depending on the length and thickness of the hair.


After application of the product,  it is infused with a ceramic straightener which seals in moisture, hydrates the hair and creates a glossy finish.  Results are visible immediately after treatment is completed. The treatment stays in the hair for four days and the ' form' of the hair should be kept straight within this time. Then we invite you back into the salon to have the treatment washed out and blow-dried, where your treatment will then be complete. Management of the hair after the treatment is effortless. The amount of time required to style hair will decrease dramatically. This treatment restores hair resiliency. Humidity, rain or perspiration will no longer be such a problem.


The results will last for two to four months; the treatment dissipates gradually as the hair is shampooed. As clients repeat the treatment every two to four months, they will be able to observe a continuous improvement of their hair.



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